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A global food company, manufacturing in the United States with national sales and distribution in Europe, Canada and Mexico. We are proud to share our love of great food with you and your family. From Ravioli to Lasagna to Manicotti and several other Italian specialties, Caesars is one of the major Italian Frozen Pasta companies serving Acme, Shop Rite, Whole Foods, Wegmans, and many other independent and chain health food stores throughout the country. The company has also worked with such major names as Campbell Soup Company, Progresso Foods, Weight Watchers and Rich Foods to name a few.

The Caesar's Story...

From it's humble beginnings as a full service Italian deli to a state of the art food manufacturing facility, we have always had a love affair with creating and eating authentic Italian food.

It all started in 1955. Michael Lodato, the patriarch of the Lodato family opened the doors to the Blackwood Specialty Shoppe.

The Blackwood Specialty Shoppe offered everything from fine Italian luncheon meats, to homemade salads, sausages, kielbasa, stuffed peppers, veal scallopine, delicious sandwiches, hot seafood platters, fresh seafood, and roasted chickens. They even offered many dessert favorites including: New York cheesecake, assorted Italian cookies, and Italian water ice.

Michael Lodato also catered weddings and parties for any occasion. If you shopped around the Christmas holiday, every customer received a free bottle of wine to enjoy with their family dinner. If you were looking for specialty dishware, you came to the right place. Michael sold hand painted dishware imported from Italy, also, demitasse sets, espresso machines, pasta machines, and pizzelle irons. The Blackwood Specialty Shoppe was truly a "Little Italy."

However, it wasn't until Michael sold frozen Sicilian pizza to supermarkets and independent mom and pop stores that things really began to change. He built a new facility, bought a local pasta company, and became incorporated in 1967. Caesar's menu featured Sicilian Pizza, Homemade Pasta, Homemade Entrees, Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas, and Italian Cookies around the Holidays. Caesar's customer base consisted mainly of supermarket chains, military commissaries and independent mom and pop stores.

In 1986 we moved to Blackwood, NJ. The new state of the art facility enabled us to expand to virtually every trade channel for food distribution. This includes: Retail, Prepared Foods, Military, Food Service, Private Label, Prepared Entrees, USDA Certified Organic products, All Natural Gluten Free/Wheat Free products and Club Stores.

Caesar's is proud to announce that we are currently expanding for the fourth time since moving to it's present location. We are a global food company, manufacturing in the United States with national sales and distribution in Europe, Canada and Mexico. We are proud to share our love of great food with you and your family. The everyday values that built the foundation for Caesar's, continues to be the mission we live and work for: Safety, Quality and Value.

Safety: Caesar's Pasta Products manufacturing facility is the state of the art, HAACP Compliant Facility Certified with both the FDA and USDA.  We are proud of our employees which have received certificates from Rutgers University courses specializing in Food Safety. Food Safety is and continues to be our number one priority. Caesar's is registered with the FDS for Bio-Terrorism. Our service to the military includes ongoing US Military Inspections as well as participation with the Berry Amendment.

In fact, Caesar's continues to include third party audits. As part of Caesar's ongoing quality assurance program, third party audits are performed annually.

Quality: We are proud of our high quality products. For over 40 years, we have used only the finest ingredients. Our fresh milk ricotta cheese is made to our strict specifications, and our semolina and extra fancy durum flour comes from the finest wheat grown in North Dakota. All of our products are manufactured in our USDA HAACP Compliant Facility. Our team oversees every step in the manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality and consistency.

Caesar's ingredients are carefully sourced. Caesar's will partner with approved vendors which can provide strict ingredient specifications and certificates of analysis with sources of origin. Caesar's products are all Trans Fat Free!

Allergens: Caesar's has a personal understanding with food allergies. It is our commitment to you in providing up to date labeling, clearly identifying any and all allergen statements. Caesar's manufacturing facility is Free from Peanuts and Tree Nuts. Strict manufacturing practices are used to segregate ingredients in a facility that also processes foods containing wheat, shellfish, and fish ingredients.

• Caesar's Facilities are Certified by GIG, the Gluten Intolerance Group, for Gluten-Free production standards. Caesar's Facilities are also Certified by QAI, Quality Assurance International, for Organic production standards.

• Dietary Restrictions: As a direct result of our commitment in providing authentic Italian products to all consumers; Caesar's is proud to offer our line of USDA Certified Organic frozen products, Vegan Items and All Natural Gluten Free, Wheat Free Frozen Products.

Value: Caesar's continues to offer only the highest quality ingredients at a value offering. We partner with approved vendors offering market pricing with our ingredients. Since our manufacturing facility is located in Blackwood, NJ, we have the opportunity to purchase many of our ingredients from local suppliers. The diversification of our company enables Caesar's to offer a variety of products and packages. Conveniently situated on the eastern seaboard, Caesar's services foodservice, retail and club channels. Our products vary in packaging size from individual size to family size servings including 3lb retail packages of Pre-Cooked Cheese Ravioli, Pre-Cooked Beef Ravioli, Pre-Cooked Italian Sausage Ravioli, Potato Gnocchi, Ricotta Cheese Filled Stuffed Shells, Pre-Cooked Cheese Tortellini and Tri-Color Cheese Tortellini and Manicotti in sauce 38oz size portion. Visit our retail, foodservice, organic and gluten free sections to learn more about our value offerings.

Caesar's Pasta is proud to be a Certified Member of these quality organizations...

Certificate of Excellence Award

Due to the continued efforts of our strict manufacturing practices, Caesar's Pasta proudly receives the Certificate of Excellence Award and Rating. 

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Our Team of Valuable Employees & Co-Workers:

We are pleased and thankful to have a wonderful team supporting us. In fact, several of our employees have been with Caesar's for over a decade. We are truly appreciative for the hard work and dedication they give to our team everyday including our office staff, sales team, production, warehouse, maintenance and transportation departments. Their commitment is our success!

Sales & Marketing Comments or Questions: Please contact Ken Williams, 303-789-2664

Product, Quality & Operations Comments or Questions: Please contact Stephen Leins, 856-227-2585