Customer Comments


Scott Smith | 2016-04-14

Really good ravioli is the only product I tried so far but really loved the taste


Eric | 2016-01-05

My daughter who is allergic to wheat and milk loves the Vegan Potato gnocchi! We bought some in the past and it isn't stocked in the local stores anymore. It is awesome!


Dalentina | 2015-09-13

I love the lasagna an I am interested in trying more products and using coupons.


Angela Del Vecchio | 2015-07-28

I've recently become gluten-free due to stomach issues and I've found myself craving lasagna because of my Italian heritage. I am blown away with the flavor of your gluten-free chicken lasagna! It is not only full-bodied, but the flavors are amazing and the pasta is delicious as well. Bravo! I never thought anybody would give my mother's lasagna a run for it's money, not to mention one that is found in the freezer section. Thank you for creating such an amazing dish: I look forward to trying all of your other gluten-free products.


Audrey Viglione | 2015-05-23

Please bring back your gluten free ravioli. The beef was THE BEST. Love the cheese too. I can't find it anywhere any longer, and see it is not in your product listing. I'm terribly disappointed. There is none out there as good as yours.


Randy | 2015-05-18

I love Caesar's! I get it from my local Publix in Largo,Fl. However All the Caesars products were on clearance. Please tell that Publix is still going to be selling your products. If not were else can I get your products?


Sharon | 2015-01-29

I just finished the Stuffed Shells !! They are GREAT !! I will definitely buy some more. My Daughter and her Daughters have to eat Gluten Free also. I can hardly wait to tell her about these new dinners. Thank You


McKenzie | 2014-11-17

So good! I can't wait for more stores to carry this product. I was so happy when I found this gluten free product. So delicious.


Stephanie | 2014-08-23

Today 8/23 I attended The Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest in Indpls. First, I would like to say thank you for making your product available to try, coupons, and where to purchase the product in the future. I also wanted to say that your representative at the Fest was very nice, very informed, and worked very hard to take care of each one of us who came to the table (and there were a lot of us-so it wasn't an easy task). So, I just wanted you to know that you are being well represented. I'm not sure if there still is a GF Expo in Carmel in October but if so I look forward to trying more tasty samples and checking out what is new. Thanks again from a very grateful GF consumer.

Stephanie :)


Pamela Davis | 2014-08-21

Need food for modified Paleo autoimmune diet. Have so little variety now, and appreciate minimally-processed convenience items. I hope your products are available at the commissary!


Rose Lee | 2014-08-08

I have had diagnosed celiac disease for 35 years and I have learned the hard way how important a gluten free diet is! Yet, we still love flavor, adventure, spice and delicious food! We love to eat! I was so thankful to find your Manicotti and other choices at Fred Meyer in Renton, WA only to recently see that they have dropped the line. I made special trips to the store for this. Where in Seattle can I find your products? Do you ship direct?


Tara Gallegos | 2014-08-06

Hello. I am writing to compliment your product. I am so happy that I found a gluten free pasta that my whole family adores, and they cant tell the difference! Thank you for making such a high quality gluten-free pasta!


Janice Wallace | 2014-08-06

Just discovered your GF manicotti entree which was delicious. It was not mushy or tasteless like many others I tried, and I intend to try your other GF varieties as well. Keep up the good work! We gluten sensitive consumers appreciate it! Thanks.


Karyn Cole, Silver City, NM | 2014-06-12

Love, love, love your product. Moving here from Pennsylvania 15 years ago, I have craved good Italian food. Throw celiac disease into the mix, and it was like being in the desert with no water. I can't thank you enough for bringing high-quality Italian food to the gluten-free population. Thank you.


Anthony Carlisle | 2014-06-03

Tony C.

All of your products are amazing. They all taste like home cooked meals. I especially enjoy your vegetarian Lasagna and I also love your stuffed shells. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for such delicious delights.


Stephanie Magargee | 2014-04-08

Your gluten free pasta is amazing. It tastes just like regular pasta. Absolutely delicious


Mary DeArman | 2014-03-31

I can't thank you enough for your great products I just discovered this week here in Albuquerque. The frozen Italian offers Walmart currently carries can't begin to match your quality. I found your items in one of our health food stores. I can't wait to try all of your products. Thank you for the great tasting products you prepare to make gluten free lifestyle enjoyable. Sincerely, Mary


Deborah J | 2014-03-17

I bought the last 3 Chicken Lasagna and hope that Giant Foods has restocked their shelves this week so that I can buy more. I really enjoy the taste and will try other foods.


Judy TIlley | 2014-02-20

Do you have your products in any stores near Arlington, WA?
Does the Fred Meyer (Kroeger) store in Marysville, WA carry them?

Thank you!


Lisa | 2014-02-20

I recently had the stuffed shells and lasagna and they were delicious! I'm so happy to have found your products. I'm hoping that my local supermarket will start selling some of the products you sell. Thank you very much for your mailing.


Katie | 2014-02-09

I just had beef ravioli for the first time in over 7 years. It was delicious! I will be making sure all my gluten free friends know about your amazing food.


Nicole | 2014-02-01

Wow! Just enjoyed your amazing gluten free beef cannelloni. Not only does it not taste like it is gluten free. It also doesn't taste like it was frozen. And it honestly tastes like something I would eat from a fine Italian restraunt!As well as so homemade tasting. This is definately the most delicious cannelloni I have ever had!!! And such healthy ingredients as well. Thank you for this wonderful product. I am going back to the store to buy more tomorrow! Can you send me some coupons, please? Thank you!


Valerie | 2014-01-30

You guys just made one highly gluten-sensitive pregnant girl VERY HAPPY!! Thank you. I just discovered your stuffed shells at my local Chamberlin's and had it for lunch, it was delicious. I will tell them to keep more in stock!


Jessica | 2014-01-30

I just had your chicken lasagna and I love it!!! By far the best frozen gluten free meal I've had since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease last March. I will definitely have it again and try your other meals also. Thank you for giving me pasta back.


Warren | 2014-01-29

I love your stuffed shells and cheese lasagna. I was diagnosed with celiac disease about 3 1/2 years ago and it took me a while to find your products but now I'm a HUGE fan. I wish it was sold in more places!!


Erika | 2014-01-03

I just tried your chicken lasagna and it was absolutely amazing! I have been gluten and wheat free for a month and it's hard to find good italian gf foods. You have a fan in me and I'm so excited to have found a product that I can enjoy and won't make me sick. I can't wait to try your other GFWF products. Thank you!


Ona Stevens | 2013-12-24

I am very picky when it comes to guten and wheat free products as many do not taste very good, so I was pleasantly surprised when I tried Caesar's Vegetable Lasagna and Cheese Lsagna...I really enjoyed the flavor and taste and never thought I would be able to find anything to satisfy my "pasta" being eliminated from my diet. It was a truly satisfying experience and I wil continue to purchase these great products!

We can now feel satisfied that we are not denying ourselves anymore the great taste of a "pasta dish"!!!


Brenden | 2013-12-08

I love the Caesar's Gluten Free Stuffed Shells, Manicotti, and Lasagna. They are a perfect option when I come home from school, they are easy to make and they taste great. I finally found a gluten free pasta that doesn't take forever to make or disintegrates when it is cooked. My freezer is filled with your products. :)


Don Antonacchio | 2013-11-26

It figures you are from Jersey. You have nailed it with your products! Love the Lasagna, Shells and Canneloni.
You make gluten free cool!


Elizabeth | 2013-11-22

I have tried so many gluten-free products -- never to purchase them again -- until I found yours. Thank you for producing the best tasting, all natural gluten-free & wheat- free products. Caesar's is the only one from now on. Made in America!!


Amanda | 2013-09-24

I just discovered all of the new gluten free pasta entrees. WOW!! makes my dietary needs much more easy and enjoyable. Please don't stop making them!!


Joan | 2013-09-18

Found your stuffed shells today in they are GREAT will have to get your others items..if I had a freezer I would buy all kinds...


Audrey V | 2013-09-15

Thank you for offering such excellent gluten free products. Just tried the beef ravioli (non-sauced); went back to the store (Publix in Florida) and bought all they had! I enjoy the gnocchi (regular and spinach) very much too.


Jessica Franklin | 2013-07-16

I just had the gluten free vegetable lasagna, it was wonderful!! I am looking forward to the other dishes!! Keep up the quality and yummy entrees!!


Deborah | 2013-06-25

Hi -- I attended a Gluten Free picnic this past weekend in Wall Twp, NJ and tried your GF ravioli -- OMG!!!!! how delicious. And I am even more elated that you sel your products at Shoprite -- I am going to check it out this weekend when I make my weekly food shopping trip. I was wondering if you offer coupons to customers for first time purchases? thank you


Amelia Wellman | 2013-06-08

I would like to know why the commissary at Norfolk VA did not have your delicious cheese, potato, and spinach gnocchi? I am Italian and not long have the time to make my own I buy the tortellini every week, the ones with cheese 10 bag sometime more because my family love them with the besciamella sauce or in soup or in ragu sauce but still we missed so much the gnocchi please let me know. thank you


Lyn G. | 2013-05-06

My backup meal. Takes about 6minutes 30 seconds for the stuffed shells or manicotti. It's easy on my tummy and a little old bay and fresh garlic on top and it's perfect.


Candice C. | 2013-05-01

I just LOVE your gluten free products! I was so excited to come across your lasagna and ravioli in one of my local grocery stores - it is so hard to find gluten free convenience food in my town! Great taste and quality, and I'll definitely be purchasing more of your products. Thanks!


Doug | 2013-04-25

I come to praise Caesar, not to bury him. I love your gluten free products. They are so convenient and by far the best taste and quality I have ever found in a prepared gluten free dish. I may not end up starving to death after all.


Amy D. | 2013-04-22

These are probably the best pasta meals I've ever consumed from my grocer's freezer. Each meal is so tasty that I cannot keep them in the house long enough! Their gluten-free line is perfect for anyone looking to eat delicious meals without the sacrifice in taste!


Lis K | 2013-04-08

Wow. I had the stuffed shells for lunch and they were as good as anything I ever had in a restaurant. More like home made. Delicious sauce, wonderful texture.

Definitely will buy more of your products.


Sandra | 2013-03-06

Just last night I was wishing I could find gluten-free, vegan gnocchi. You can't imagine how happy I was when I found yours at my local Shop Rite! Thank you so much. One question, though, since you also produce organic products, would it be possible for you to produce the gluten-free items with only organic/non-GMO ingredients as well?


Judy | 2013-02-17

SO happy to finally find a gluten free meal that is wonderful!!!!
Your frozen meals have become a weekly staple in my grocery shopping


Mary Moore | 2013-02-16

These microwave gluten free meals are wonderful. They seem to have found the right combination for an adult palete.

Thank you for a product that makes our diet a lot less restrictive.


Sarah | 2013-01-27

OH MY GOODNESS!!! This is literally the best gluten free food I have EVER eaten! All the other gluten free companies need to take notes! I can not thank you enough for the gluten free pasta shells! I will be buying more VERY soon and will be trying your other gluten free products as well!


Mikie in SoCal | 2013-01-26

After much trepidation, I purchased your gluten-free manicotti. I'd had several other brands of frozen gluten-free pasta meals, and had been very unimpressed. Boy, was I surprised to find a tasty alternative! The texture of the pasta was spot on, and the sauce was well spiced.
I will definitely purchase again!


DaleC | 2013-01-23

Caesar's 2oz meatballs are amazing. Best I've ever had! They are by far superior to any other out there.


Helen Hauck | 2013-01-17

Best GF product available. The stuffed shells are absolutely wonderful! Am going to try the other products.


Sue | 2013-01-17

I just bought your gluten free stuffed shells and I have to tell you....OMG!!! they are the best I have ever had!! I am really impressed with your gluten free pasta. If you ever go into the business of just doing a dry pasta...I will be buying the product!


BriGuy | 2013-01-04

Cheese Lasagna, OMG, best frozen lasagna Ive ever had. Thank God


Terrah Nunley | 2012-11-30

I just had the Gluten-Free & Wheat-Free Stuffed Shells with Cheese in Marinara Sauce and fell in love!!!
One of the best microwaveable meals I have had since being diagnosed with a severe allergy to wheat!

Thank you sooo much for providing great food that is convenient!


THW | 2012-11-28

I just tried your gluten-free vegetable lasagna. I was amazed at how good it was. I was hesitant because I had just tried another well-known brand and had to throw it out. I couldn't even stand the smell of it. I was surprised and very pleased with yours. Thank you for making a good gluten free pasta. They are few and far between. I can't wait to try one of your other gluten free choices. I have now tried the manicotti and it is as good as the lasagna. Stuffed shells are next! Excellent product.


Michael | 2012-11-24

I tried the stuffed shells, and they were excellent! I will certainly buy them again. Thanks for making such a tasty gluten free product that is easy to prepare. It will certainly add some variety to my dinners!


Brenda Gross | 2012-10-30

I tried the lasagna with marinara sauce, gluten free, it was delicious, its difficult to find gluten free prepared foods that are really good thank you. Would love to see coupons for your products.


LORI FONTANA-CASS | 2012-10-22

im in heaven after eating your gluten free manicotta with cheese in marinara sauce im a full blooded italian and a celiac since march 2012 i have been missing all of the italian "goodies" felt cheated i was in shop-rite in selden ny 11784 yesterday and discovered all of your products though the price was a little high i tried it anyway and it was so good i cant tell your company how much that means to me i just wanted to thank you for your company and your compassion dealing with people like me god bless you and please keep all the gluten-free and wheat free products coming i will tell EVERYBODY like me to purchase your products & THANKS FOR TAKING ME OUT OF THE HELL I WAS IN


Donna | 2012-10-22

The absolute best!I even got my friend hooked on these products. She's not even gluten free!No other brand compares. Shame on Stop n Shop for not carrying it anymore. My goal is to get them to stock it again. Price, quantity and quality are 100% plus on all these products! Thanks so much for making life a lot "tastier"!


Bob Grandjean | 2012-09-17

I was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue and Intestinal Malabsorbion in 1997 (Age 46) when most products tasted like sawdust, (Actually sawdust was better). Since that time I have found some phenomenal products, like Caesars potato gnocchi. It couldn't be any easier to prepare, they comes frozen and cook in a few minutes once they're put in salted boiling water. All I did was add some butter and Romano cheese and it was like eating non-gluten free gnocchi. Now looking to try a few of their other products.


Judy Perdrix | 2012-08-21

Just want to thank you for making a great product!! Being wheat intolerant limits one to fast,good food!! I'm sure glad I found you!!!!


Edward Graham | 2012-08-13

How about a meat sauce gluten free product


Demry Hardesty | 2012-07-09

My 8 year old was just diagnosed with celiac disease a few months ago. She loves pasta and I was worried about finding something that she would like, well she LOVES Caesars Lasagna. She would eat it everyday if I let her. She begs me to buy it. So I always keep a bunch on hand. Thank you for such a great tasting pasta dish, we have found nothing nearly as good as this brand so this makes eating no gluten so much better for my daughter. She also likes the stuffed shells also.


Stephanie | 2012-07-01

I was put on a Gluten Free diet due to stomach problems. Well being Italian I thought it would be impossible. How would I be able to not have Stuffed Shells, Manicotti etc? Then one day as I was looking in the GF frozen food section at my local grocer's and saw your products . I purchased a couple to try & now I am Hooked !! Love everything you make & I am not depriving myself of delicious Italian meals . Thank you Ceasar's !!


Ruth Bloom | 2012-06-13

The manicotti and stuffed shells are delicious. They are as good if not better than regular pasta. The sauce is also excellent. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.


Max Rams | 2012-06-12

I use to get all kinds of your product at my local Fortinos ( Mall Road Location) in Hamilton,Ontario, Canada. Now there is not much variety. Why is that ? I walked in last night and almost walked back out.


Sunny | 2012-06-07

I tried your gluten & wheat free cheese lasagna and absolutely LOVED it. I had never heard of your products until I saw them in the specialty/ natural foods section of my local Stop & Shop. I will definately buy again and spread the word. Thank you for a delicious product!


Diane | 2012-04-26

Since recently deciding to eat gluten free, I have discovered your pasta entrees. They are great! I used to feel left out when fixing an Italian dish for my husband. I can't wait to try the ravioli and gnocci. Keep up the good work! I am a fan for life!


Cindy | 2012-04-14

My husband is Italian and I have eaten the best for over 35 years! For the past 5 years I have had to eat gluten free and this is the first great italian meal I have had that can stand up to my own stuffed shells. That you for such a great frozen meal!


K McGuire | 2012-04-07

I just tried your gluten free stuffed shells for the first time. They are absolutely delicious. Thank you so much for making products for us gluten free people. Keep up the good work and may I suggest trying out a recipe for ravioli in the furture!


Shelia Mundy | 2012-04-06

I would like to send a message but it will not take my email address. Tried many times.Please help. Please bring back your Gluten Free Gnocci's to Whole Foods Market in South Florida. They were awesome and I miss them teribly. Can I order online? TY


Nancy | 2012-04-05

I've been gluten free for 2 years now and your gluten free cheese lasagna is the best gluten free frozen product I've tasted so far. Im anxious to try others but this was the only one of your brand in my super market freezer. I live in the Ocala, FL area and would love to see more of your products. Thank you for such a delicious meal


Phyllis | 2012-03-30

I have Celiac Disease & I just found out about Caesar's gluten free products. Thank you so much for making them!! I am sooo excited to try them!!! I am having a problem finding the GF stuffed shells & manicotti though. I am allergic to canola oil as well as gluten, so the only products I could buy would be those two. I live in south Jersey. Can I go to Blackwood & buy directly from you guys?


Karyl | 2012-03-26

I've been diagnosed with gluten intolerance and just love your meals, I can enjoy Italian food again and they are great to take for lunches


Shelley C | 2012-03-24

I tried your gluten-free manicotti today for the first time - YUM! It is amazingly delicious and the sauce is out of this world!!!!!


Sal | 2012-03-16

I have recently been diagnosed as gluten sensitive. My husband is celiac. Not being a great cook, I rely on frozen meals for lunch. YOURS are the only ones that I will continue to buy. Tasty, easy, and continue vegetables that I don't have to taste, but hopefully get some nutrition from anyway.
Other gf frozen meals are small, silly instructions, and are just not cost nor time effective. THANK YOU!


Sal | 2012-03-16

CONTAIN veggies


Sal | 2012-03-16

I find the price good as well - about the same cost as eating at McDonalds. I think that $6 or $7 for lunch that keeps me full until dinner is a very good value - of course my children are grown and I only buy for me. Hubbie cooks his meals with lots of veggies and red meat- I don't eat red meat.


Doreen Guarino | 2012-02-22

Love your frozen, gluten-free lasagna, shells, and manicotti. They're all truly delicious. Unfortunately, I don't include them in my weekly groceries. I only buy them for "special". They're much too expensive to buy regularly.


Krista | 2012-02-14

Finally edible gluten free Italian dinners. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease and had to give up my favorite food, pasta. I recently found Caesar's products at my local grocery store and was hesitate so I only bought 1 Lasagna dinner well after I ate it I went back and bought 5 more and decided to buy the stuffed shells and the manicotti. Absolutely delicious. Thank you for making an edible but most overall wonderful tasting pasta with great sauce. Now I can sit with my family while they eat "real" pasta and enjoy my Caesar's pasta:)
Krista, CT.


Sam Smith | 2012-02-08

I love the Caesar's products! Thank you so much for making them! They taste SO GOOD and the ingredients are awesome! Thank you for providing an AMAZING option for people who want gluten-free foods. I cannot wait to try new products to come! I encourage everyone to try the Caesar's products and you will be FLOORED! THey are the best Gluten-free foods on the marekt! They just ROCKS!


Christina H. | 2012-02-01

I just learned about your gluten free pasta at a local store and was thrilled to see that it is made in peanut and tree nut free facility as my children are allergic to both. Kudos to you! Keep up the great products with clearly labeled packages. Thanks so much!


Abby Webber | 2012-01-24

I am so thankful to have your gluten free meals. They are absolutely delicious. I would even prefer them over a frozen meal containing gluten! Great work!


Tracey Martin | 2012-01-18

I haven't even FINISHED the frozen stuffed shells dinner, but I had to stop write. These are as good as I hoped! Thank you for the wonderful, delicious GF meal!


Jennifer McAdams | 2012-01-16

I love, love, love Caesar's Pasta! The stuffed shells are my favorite, and have become a family favorite!


Mike Florio | 2012-01-06

I bought the manicotti at Costco in San Diego, they were just terrific. Reminded me of authentic Italian home made pasta! They need to carry them out here for all us transplanted east coasters. I should have bought a crate of them.


Gina Athas | 2011-12-30

My teenage daughter was recently diagnosed as gluten intolerant. We're a real "pasta" family and your gluten-free pasta entrees have been a real treat for her! She loves the lasagna and the gnocchis. Please consider adding CHEESE TORTELLINI to your list of products. It would make it so much easier to live gluten-free!


Lillian Juliano | 2011-12-21

Since becoming a Celiac, I just tried Caesar's Gluten Free Pasta Entrees and they are giving me the Merriest Christmas ever! I am sooo happy to start eating my favorite food again, PASTA! It's Gluten Free and taste as good as the regular pasta! I stand 100% behind this product!


Jon Vaden - Nashville, Tn | 2011-12-21

I recently discovered that I am gluten intolerant. Very little gluten-free food tasted very good, especially Italian food. Then I found Caesar's Gluten Free Pasta entrees and LOVED them!! Everyone I have tried is delicious. It tastes so good that if there was a blind taste test with regular pasta, people wouldn't be able to taste the difference.


Jaimie Los | 2011-12-19

I thought I'd never have good stuffed shells, manicotti,or lasagna again! Until I found your product in Giant food stores! They are delicious!


Denise Gill | 2011-12-19

My son and I both have Celiac and must eat gluten free. We have tried numerous frozen Italian entrees only to be disappointed with the taste and quality. We had given up on enjoying our favorite food until today. I bough the stuffed shells to try and will be returning to the store tomorrow to try all of the gluten free entrees! They are wonderful! My non-Celiac daughter couldn't tell that the pasta was gluten free. Thank you so much for a fabulous gf product that tastes so good!


Maria Roglieri | 2011-12-14

As a gluten-free Italian-American, I am soooo grateful that you guys have made all the classics for us! Your products are excellent and they remind me of the way my grandmother used to make pasta... Mille grazie!


Marisa | 2011-12-14

Amazing... best GF pasta products out there! I grew up with great Italian cooks, so I know how this rates in comparison. You folks have nailed it!


Laura | 2011-12-11

Oh my!...mmm, mmm, mmm, your gluten free pasta dinner's are delicious! I have not found any comparable to yours, so far! Thank you very much for going the extra mile for we unfortunate one's who can no longer enjoy regular pasta meals. T y!


Gloria Carpenter | 2011-11-22

I just Wanted to say how much I enjoy Caesar's Pasta Gluten Free Entree's!! I was diagnosed a Celiac and love Italian food and thought I would never be able to taste true Italian again until I tried your product!! Hail Caesar's!!!! Thank you, Thank You!!


Lauren | 2011-11-10

I just wanted to give you all a pat on the back for creating such a delicious, gluten-free product! This is my first week going gluten-free and needless to say, as a pasta lover, I was afraid of what my pasta options were going to taste like. I'm so happy I decided to try your stuffed shells and can't wait to try your other entrees! You have a customer for the next 60 years... (God-willing)


Kara Morgan | 2011-11-10

I just tried your gluten wheat free stuffed shells for the first time, and I have to say I'm very impressed. The marinara sauce was delicious, and the ricotta was real, unlike the synthetic stuff in other single serve dishes I've had. Thanks for putting out a superior product, I'll definitely be trying other flavors in the future!


Robin Zelikoff | 2011-11-04

I went to my oldest childhood friend when I needed to prepare for a family dinner. One of the side dishes was meatballs but I knew I would not have the time to make them, and she suggested your product. I have to say its one of the best I've ever had. Do you offer coupons for this product? I've checked my local papers and haven't found any. Thanks!


Linda Corcoran | 2011-11-01

I love all the gluten free meals you have but can no longer find them. They were in Giant, in Salisbury,Md and Harris Teeter, in Ocean View, De. Please help


Madelyn Smith | 2011-10-24

Thank you for your generous donation of Lasagnas for the GIG of Richmond Town Hall Meeting.
We were able to put them in the freezers at church upon arrival, then thawed them overnight. They
cooked up nicely in the convection ovens.
All of the attendees join me in telling you how delicious they were!
Hopefully, this event will increase your sales is a delight to have them at Kroger's where I shop
the most!
Thank you again for such a much appreciated donation!

Madelyn Smith
Branch Manager
GIG of Richmond


Estelle | 2011-10-21

Recently I purchased the gluten free lasagna & stuffed shells for my son, who has Celiac Disease & diabetes. Of course I had to try them, & they are absolutely delicious! You could not tell they were gluten free. More importantly, my son absolutely loved them.
Thank you for providing such great products!


Ellen Spoonley | 2011-10-20

I would like to commend you on a really delicious quality product. I am newly gluten free and not much into boxed products but your line of pasta and sauce is the best by far that I have tried. I like the fact that they are quick and easy so that I can use them at my office. Keep up the great work. Thank you
Ellen Spoonley


John Lemantovich | 2011-10-11

I recently started buying your gluten free meals. I have to say that the stuffed shells and lasagna that I have tried so far are far superior to anything I have had before. Perfectly cooked pasta, tasty cheese and plenty of good tasting sauce. I have been eating gluten free for many years. Although there are many more gluten free choices than ever before due to greater awareness, yours is the best.


Diane Boisvert | 2011-10-10


I found your produts in an IGA Stores. I didn't know Loblaws was also selling them. I called a few and found one store near my home.

I'm very happy as I love your products, they are very good.

Thank you very much for your help


Carol Moran | 2011-10-10

I think I must have died and gone to heaven. I just ate my 1st Caesar's Gluten-Free Manicotti with Cheese. Even back years ago when I didn't need to eat gluten-free, I never tasted manicotti so delicious. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Renee Dean | 2011-10-10

Dear Caesar's. This note is to thank you for your consistently good product. As a celiac, I constantly struggle with brands who claim to taste good only to open the package and find something TOTALLY DIFFERENT that what is portrayed on the front. Presentation, portions, quality, and taste are consistent throughout your pasta meals and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your attention to these details.


Cheryl Randazzo | 2011-09-27

Your GF pasta is absolutely wonderful. The sauce is better than most homemade sauces I've tried and it certainly tastes better than any other frozen pasta I've ever had...even before I was diagnosed with Celiac.


Erin Noel | 2011-09-26

I want to thank you again for donating the lasagna and gnocchi's last night. They were the hit of the picnic! We had 85 people and at least 20 asked who made the lasagna so we had to keep making the announcement.
>> Thank you again. We look forward to a continued relationship!
>> Sincerely,
>> Erin Noel
>> VP of the Rochester Celiac Support Group


Katherine | 2011-09-16

My family and I purchased your organic pasta in Wegmans. Thank you for making such a delicious product.


Lucy | 2011-09-16

Moved down here to South Carolina and miss your frozen cooked meatballs! They are the best!!! Can't wait till the online ordering starts....There are a few porducts I will be getting!!


Alice | 2011-08-15

My daughter and I just tried your GF potato gnocchi - awesome!

Thank you for making our GF diet a little more enjoyable!


Jennifer M | 2011-08-15

Hi -

We tried your GF pasta at the DC GF expo and loved it


Todd R | 2011-07-22

Your manicotti is delicious, can I purchase it outside of the United States ?


Caren F. | 2011-07-13

Just recently diagnosed with Celiac and picked up your Manicotti. It is delicious. Thank you.


Ashley B | 2011-07-13

My name is Ashley Brielmeier. I just wanted to let your company know how much my family and I love your gluten free frozen meals. I have an allergy to gluten and it is awesome I can find great tasting meals in the supermarket. I would love to try more of your gluten free products.


Michael E. | 2011-07-13

I have wanted something like this for so long!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much for making really good gnocchi without wheat flour! As I am allergic to gluten. And I am trying to get my husband off of all refined wheat products

These are very good and enjoyed them so much. Finally I can have somethings I thought I would never have again.

Keep it up with delicious gluten free pasta specialties.